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The future is yours

When we created the Cocottes Pimp Ton Style in October 2020, let's be honest, we didn't really know where it would all take us. 11 capsules later, we see things a little more clearly. So this is what the future will be like...

Capsules, always

The capsules were first of all a way for us to get started. They have since become our meeting place. Our way of sharing our favorites, our essentials and all those pieces that will spruce up your outfits. They will be less frequent in the future, to make room for our permanent collections, but don't worry, we never say goodbye to Thursday night fever.

What are you creating?

Our creations, again

Create everything from A to Z. From the capsule to your closet, we want our products, which you wear, to have been thought of, designed, designed and sold by us. Little by little we are integrating this new dimension of the profession into Cocottes Pimp Ton Style. Our manufacturing will be mainly European and we will explain to you right here what we are working on.

New (pre)Order

Better meeting your expectations also means better taking into account those of the environment. Pre-ordering is part of the future of fashion. The idea of ​​getting involved in the development of our products and only manufacturing what is necessary...we obviously like it!

United passions

In our short history, we have had wonderful encounters and from these encounters many collaborations were born. We want to continue to create unique products with those who share our vision of style and our values.

Step by step

Shortly after our first launches we made a decision, we won't grow too quickly! We wanted the resources to match the promises. We promised you more parts per launch, a new site, more delivery options and simplified returns management...You will discover our new site today and very soon, everything else.


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