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The trench coat, an emblematic piece of an elegant wardrobe

The trench coat, an emblematic piece of an elegant wardrobe


Trendy and functional, the trench coat is the perfect coat to effortlessly elevate an outfit.

We reveal the whole history of this iconic jacket with all our tips for wearing the trench with style, whatever your body type.

The trench coat, a military garment that has become an essential in women's fashion

Contrary to what its name suggests, the trench coat was not born in the trenches. However, it draws its inspiration from the soldiers of the First World War.

History of the trench coat

Originally, the creator of the trench coat Thomas Burberry was an apprentice draper. This Englishman has one thing in common with many English peasants: he hates rubber raincoats. In fact, this coat did not wick away perspiration. Men who wore such coats to work outside were bathed in their own sweat all day, which could even cause rheumatism. Glamour.

The Burberry trench coat, Wikipedia source

In 1880, by studying the properties of wool and the different weaving methods, Mr Burberry created gabardine, a waterproof and particularly resistant fabric, but which lets sweat and the odors that accompany it escape. It took him only a short time after his arrival in London to attract the wealthy, and in 1914 the crown placed him with a new order: the invention of elegant and practical officer clothing.

Mr Burberry studies the harsh conditions of trench warfare to create military clothing resistant to cold, tears and bad weather, using the famous gabardine. The result is an elegant coat perfectly suited to combat situations: the trench coat. In good French, the “trench coat”. From 1914 to 1918, almost half a million British soldiers wore the superb uniform on the front lines.

Back in town, veterans wear it with pride. George V made Thomas Burberry his official dresser in 1919, the day after the war. Quickly, the trench coat became the emblem of the refinement of British tailoring and a symbol of victory in the eyes of the whole world.

The soldiers' coat, source gentleman's gazette

Focus on the iconic Burberry trench coat

The famous white, beige and black tartan pattern of the Burberry trench coat was registered in 1924 under the name Nova Check. It will be used to make the lining of the iconic trench coat, but also for many fashion accessories with a Scottish print: umbrella, hat, luggage, etc.

The beige trench coat and all its variations appear in photographs of the great explorers, on the arm of detectives, femme fatales and Hollywood celebrities, on posters for films as iconic as Casablanca (1942) or Diamonds on the Couch (1961). Marlene Dietrich, Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve, Jane Birkin, Kate Moss... Decade after decade, all women of influence wear the trench coat, not as a shield against the elements, but rather as a symbol of power and as a weapon of mass seduction.

Personalities wearing a trench coat

Choosing the right trench coat

The perfect trench for your figure

When it comes to fashion, it is essential to know your body shape to enhance your figure by choosing the right clothes. Highlight your assets, hide your complexes... The perfect trench coat has an almost magical power over your silhouette and your posture. When chosen well, this rainwear seems tailor-made, just for you.

Here is the ideal trenchcoat for every body shape:

- The dark-colored trench coat, very long, down to the ankles, visually lengthens the silhouette of petite women and hides curves.

- A beige trench coat, knee-high and well-fitted, tightened by a thin belt, elongates the silhouette of small, thin women who, on the contrary, wish to amplify their chest and emphasize their waist with an optical effect.

- An A-line trench, narrow at the shoulders and loose at the hips, refines broad shoulders and brings a touch of femininity to very muscular silhouettes.

- A really short straight cut trench, at belt height, highlights the pretty curves of the lower body of Callipyge women.

The right materials for a weather-resistant coat

The original cotton gabardine is the benchmark for quality coach trench coats.
If you want to invest in a breathable, elegant and durable fashion piece, choose 100% cotton coats with a lining in natural materials (cotton, linen, hemp), viscose, lyocell or polyamide.

The trench coat, classic or revisited: a modern and trendy essential that seduces

Whether in classic beige or khaki, the trench coat is a timeless piece that is worth banking on. It brings a chic and trendy feminine touch, it also has the advantage of being a light coat perfectly suited to mid-season.

In an oversized cut, the women's trench coat goes wonderfully with a silky white blouse, black cigarette pants or mom jeans matched with simple white sneakers. For a harmonious and fashionable look, khaki can go with any colored piece!

I add a touch of style to my wardrobe with a trench coat:

Blair trench coat pimp your style

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