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The Army jacket: a must-have to wear without moderation

Army jacket: Once upon a time there was a military jacket

The military jacket is an iconic wardrobe piece. Bold, with a casual rock look, this is the jacket to wear with jeans, a sweatshirt, a denim shirt, a pair of sneakers or ankle boots.

The military jacket appeared during the 1800s in the British army in khaki and sand to allow soldiers to better camouflage themselves in their environment. It is a jacket that has a storied past and is often associated with war and conflict. However, the military jacket is also a symbol of rebellion. It was worn by many iconic rock figures such as John Lennon, to show his opposition to the Vietnam War. Many artists have also personalized their military jackets in order to make them unique and to dissociate them from the image of the jacket worn by soldiers. This is how this garment entered the world of fashion, it was first worn by rather masculine figures like Michael Jackson or Robert de Niro in the film Taxi Driver. After being neglected for several years, the military jacket reappeared during a fashion show organized by Marc by Marc Jacobs in 2001. It thus became an essential piece of the wardrobe and was worn by many female personalities.

A timeless addition to your wardrobe, the Army jacket will spice up your most basic outfits. Whether light or dark, a military jacket adapts to your style! Khaki or colored, long or short, plain or camouflaged, safari jacket or official... The variations are diverse!

At Les Cocottes, we like that the Army jacket is steeped in history and that it improves over time. Shelved for a long time, it makes a resounding return to this season's must-have list.

An icon: Kate Moss and her military jacket

The one nicknamed "the Twig" triumphs in the fashion world, thanks to her career as a model and her keen sense of style. From its beginnings in the 90s until today, its unmissable rock style has left its mark on us all and inspired an entire generation!

From leather jackets to rain boots during festivals, Kate Moss has (re)introduced many fashion trends that have quickly been adopted. Today, the London native runs her own modeling agency and works with influential brands.

Kate Moss is also known for her basic looks, but always with this rock silhouette! Her style takes on its full meaning with omnipresent fashion pieces like the “Army” jacket, the pointed ankle boots...Kate Moss knew how to sublimate this iconic piece. With a more casual or dressier look, the “Army” jacket will go with many of your outfits!

kate moss military jacket

Source : Kate Moss photo n°1 , Kate Moss photo n°2

The military jacket by Les Cocottes

After a long reflection on the best military jacket to offer you, we decided to go with a flexible canvas but quite heavy at the same time in order to have a nice fit. The Army jacket is therefore pleasant to wear. This straight-cut jacket has 4 pockets on the front. The shoulders are marked with buttoned tabs. These add an “officer” touch to the jacket. The collar can be worn raised. Finally, the Army jacket is a fitted model rather than an oversized one. For a casual and rock look ;)

Then, a feminine and elegant touch worthy of the Cocottes signature was added to the jacket. A pale pink embroidery on the back “Cocottes pimp ton style”, a badge with our logo at heart level and, embroidered on the right front pocket, the phrase “Be the change”.

A jacket bearing the image of the “Cocottes Gang”, that you will love to wear every day. All our jackets are unique second-hand pieces and may have small imperfections. The jacket is khaki in color, and the embroidery is powder pink.

This is one size fits all! This will fit a size 34 up to a size 40. We recommend dry cleaning. 

Army jacket les cocottes pimp your style

What to wear my Army jacket with?

The military jacket is versatile! So, it will suit both your daytime and evening looks. 

Look #1:

anine bing military jacket and camel boots

We adopt the Anine Bing look with a rock t-shirt, gray slim jeans, our favorite army jacket. Accessorize your look with a pair of camel boots and a matching camel bag and that's it! 

Look #2 :

meleponym military jacket and leather jacket

For this second look idea, we're inspired by Meleponym ! We love its rock look with a sailor top and a perfecto under an Army jacket! With our Jane sailor top and our Army jacket , you will have a Cocottes look that we love! 

Look #3:

olivia palermo military jacket and evening look

For this third look idea, we offer you an evening look! A beautiful blouse or shirt, black slim jeans, a pretty pair of heels and your Army jacket and here's a feminine and daring look! 

A multitude of possibilities are possible with your Army jacket! Mix it with a white t-shirt, jeans and sneakers or with a dress or skirt. This piece will go just as well with a casual outfit as a more sophisticated outfit. Don't be afraid to try new combinations with your Army jacket!

Share your looks with #CocottesArmy 😉


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