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The leather skirt

Leather mini-skirt, the seductive asset of self-confident women


The leather mini skirt is much easier to combine than it seems. Lengthening the legs, revealing the skin or pretty tights , this beauty piece of leather enhances any outfit, from the most elegant to the most casual.

Here are some tips for wearing a leather skirt, winter and summer!

Mini story of the mini-skirt, symbol of emancipation

Since the 1960s and under the leadership of fashion designer Mary Quant, the mini-skirt has entered the women's wardrobe and dressed big names in fashion. music or cinema like Twiggy, Nancy Sinatra, Brigitte Bardot....

In 1963, the “mini” even had its own maxi song: “Mini, mini, mini”, by Jacques Dutronc & Françoise Hardy.

Always subversive, always young, this iconic rock fashion piece allowed women to ride bikes and dance in complete freedom. While long skirts got caught in bicycle wheels or had to be lifted up to run or climb stairs, the mini-skirt no longer blocks your legs. After the bra which freed women's torsos from the corset, the mini-skirt freed women from their heavy linen, wool and silk petticoats.

And since stockings were visible, knitters had to get their hands dirty to invent new tights: softer, more opaque, more colorful, more resistant, easier to put on before wearing. spin in the evening or running behind the bus... Great news for lovers of comfortable tights !

Mary Quant & Mireille Darc

But actually, what is a mini?

In our heart

By its history or its look, the mini-skirt in leather, imitation leather or suede (also called “suede effect skirt”) is a feminist garment, but also and above all a real booster for self-confidence!

To wear at any age to embrace your femininity, reveal your most beautiful tights and highlight your most beautiful boots or pumps.

Francoise Hardy

In fashion jargon

According to the dictionary, “mini” refers to any skirt whose hem is at least 10cm above the knee. For a stylist, the leather mini-skirt or mini-dress can therefore highlight the bottom of the buttocks as well as stop at mid-thighs.

If it's really mini mini, we'll call it a micro skirt! The microskirt measures, flat, up to 20cm high at the maximum between the waist and the hem. A Lilliputian cut that we wouldn't recommend everyone to wear...

How to wear the leather mini skirt?

With a silk camisole or tank top, hidden by a small thin jacket on a summer evening

Want to shine? Like the sequin skirt at midnight, the leather mini skirt is the perfect midday outfit. The combination of leather and silk is not very subtle, but it clearly indicates your intentions to capture the hearts of those who cross your path. An unstoppable seduction asset!

With a turtleneck, tights and a mid-season raincoat

Faced with gusts or in an office, the little skirt in brown, gray, green or mustard suede goes wonderfully with a black turtleneck, ankle boots and tights. We wear it under a raincoat or a long jacket when going out, to better reveal it once we arrive warm.

modern mini skirt

Mini in leather and oversized knit, the perfect winter combination

The loose, warm knits of a chunky winter sweater contrast and soften wonderfully with the leather mini-skirt. If the weather gets nicer, simply take it off to reveal a simple white T-shirt. This casual look will highlight your figure without looking like it. Did you say subtle…?

With high socks and a neat shirt

The leather mini skirt is perfect for breaking up a look preppy Or old money a bit too formal.

For a perfect English look, there's nothing like pairing it with checkered tights, strong colors or a baroque pattern. However, we will avoid the v-neck and the suit jacket, which have too much connotation of “student life in a major school”. With a shirt, hair pulled back and perhaps even a small cardigan, high socks and low shoes (tennis, ballerinas or moccasins), the leather or suede skirt will be a surprising, but elegant, choice to wear in value while playing clichés.

How to choose your mini skirt?

High-waisted mini skirts are perfect for women with short legs, as they create the illusion of sky-high legs.

When you have a stomach, the flared, trapeze or pleated skirt hides the volume of the lower abdomen to accentuate that of the upper thighs. The loose, short skirt rebalances the silhouette and visibly refines it. Conversely, a tight leather mini skirt would accentuate the tummy folds and be quite uncomfortable to wear. It is better to choose a skirt that is a little looser to be comfortable in all situations!

The black, brown or colored faux leather skirt can also be slit on the side for those who like to walk in long strides without feeling constrained.

leather skirt casseroles

The combination of leather mini-skirt and men's wardrobe

Like boyfriend jeans in a feminine version, the leather mini-skirt perfectly complements oversized pieces from the men's wardrobe. A beautiful white shirt with rolled up sleeves, a loose denim jacket or a well-cut blazer will “soothe” the feminine and sexy side of this superb short skirt.

As for shoes, we continue to accentuate the masculine touch with derbies, white sneakers or very simple tennis shoes to, by contrast, emphasize our own femininity even more. With such a masculine look, you can go all out in terms of makeup! False eyelashes, mascara, eyeliner, blush… Let yourself be carried away by your creativity.

The total leather look, good or bad idea?

The total black leather look tends to harden the features of the wearer. So, pairing a leather mini skirt with a leather jacket, leather ankle boots and a leather bag is a perilous exercise.

It will probably be necessary to soften this great look with a soft colored sweater, a light T-shirt or cheerful jewelry. Finally, the black skirt is not the only option! The brown, burgundy or even gold leather skirt will be much easier to combine with other leather clothing and accessories. Finally, the metal buttons bring a touch of light to all types of skirts.


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